CoolPay Link

The CoolPay Link feature enables you to generate an URL that – when activated – will open a payment window. This is the prefered way of accepting payment in our hosted environment as it gives a number of benefits – most notably:

  • Abandoned orders recovery – resume payments when the purchaser left off
  • E-mail channel payments
  • A Link can be repeatedly used/activated until payment is completed

Please see acquirer details for any acquirer specific requirements.

How it works

A CoolPay Link is created using the API in two small steps – First create a Payment and create a Link on that payment. You will then get an URL that you can display or send to your customer.

Code examples


# Use the official coolpay-ruby-client gem
require "coolpay/api/client"
client = ENV['YOUR_API_USER_KEY'])
payment ="/payments",
:order_id => "0001",
:currency => "DKK"
link = client.put("/payments/#{payment['id']}/link",
:amount => 100
# Add ":framed => true" if you want to open the link in an iframe
puts link['url']


import os
from coolpay_api_client import QPClient

secret = ":{0}".format(os.environ['COOLPAY_API_KEY'])
client = QPClient(secret)

payment ="/payments", order_id="0001", currency="DKK")

link = client.put("/payments/%s/link" % payment['id'], amount=100
# Add framed=true if you want to open in an iframe

print link['url']

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